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-Heather and Carmen (blog owners)
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NEWS! (I’m sorry don’t kill me!!!)

I’m deleting this blog and starting fresh! I will keep this blog open for a couple of hours so my followers can see this post.

I’ve decided to do this because I’m no longer getting the help from my friend Carmen on this blog because she’s very busy and Im struggling with it.

HOWEVER I am going to make a new blog to replace this that is more in line with my job working for motives cosmetics. I will post the link on here before I delete, and on my main blog (

Motives makeup competition! →

To celebrate the beginning of my new Facebook page, I’m hosting a makeup competition, the theme is nature and the prize is a motives gel eyeliner in a colour of your choice, and an angled eyeliner brush.

The competition ends August 21st, click the link for more details!

First impression number one, the liquid powder mineral foundation. I love the texture of this, it’s self setting so I didn’t need to use powder over it. The shade “linen” is perfect for my skin tone and blends out easily.
I’d say this is a medium coverage foundation. It feels very soft on my skin and is perfect for sensitive people, this foundation is HYPOALLERGENIC and is SPF 15.

This foundation is only $24.95 (£16.11) and I think it is well worth the money!

IMPORTANT: if you do check it out, please be sure to mention that HEATHER SENT YOU! (That’s me) this sounds strange but it’s only because this is my summer job. Also, if you live outside America please message me for some details, motives do not ship outside of America just yet so separate arrangements need to be made personally to ensure you get your goods :)

A very special package arrived today!

My motives makeup came! I’m so exited to show you it all, it’s so high quality! I will review some of the products for you and create a couple of looks :)

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